Groupaya – Delta Dialogues Video Project

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Recent video project I did with my friends at Groupaya, The Delta Dialogues is a process to build shared understanding among Sacramento Delta stakeholders as it relates to water management, habitat development and many other intertwined issues. Learn More at 

Slow Motion Yoyos

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Just trying out fisheye lens for my iPhone by olloclip. Also filmed using an app called SloPro which let’s you capture at 60fps which makes the slow-motion look a lot nicer. Just trying out some “whip tricks” on my Eric Koloski signature series New Breed by YoyoJam 🙂 full speed version at the end of […]

Kora Jam in D Major

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I recorded this little song using 2 iPads and my iPhone. I had one iPad connected to the midi keyboard running the synth instrument. The iPad on the stand is running LoopyHD which is handling the looping and recording of the mixed audio for this session. I used my iPhone to record the video I’ve […]

Looptastic iPad loop

Looptastic iPad loop

Trying out a new iPad looper app called LooptasticHD. Composed a quick track using Synth, Kora and Bass.

DIY Custom Midi Controller

DIY Custom Midi Controller

I wanted to accomplish a few things with this project. First, I wanted to create a physical interface to trigger video clips in one of the main VJ apps i utilize, called Cell VJ. Second, I wanted to make it easier for audience members at live events to play with the visuals. Third, I always […]