Kora Jam in D Major

Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Music and VJ stuff | No Comments

I recorded this little song using 2 iPads and my iPhone. I had one iPad connected to the midi keyboard running the synth instrument. The iPad on the stand is running LoopyHD which is handling the looping and recording of the mixed audio for this session. I used my iPhone to record the video

I’ve been using my Kora as a drum, which works well to set the loop length. Next I layered in some synth sounds. The bass comes in next, simple, and dropping the first beat. Next comes the Kora which is tuned to D Major, so I based the other parts around what was capable in this key. It’s running through a line6 delay.

I exported the audio from my iPad and matched it up with the video from my iPhone in Final Cut Pro.