DIY LCD Monitor System

Categories: 19 Jun 2010

I’d read about people repurposing the old LCD attachments for the PSOne. I wanted a system with 3 LCD screens to monitor the various video feeds on my VJ setup. I needed 1 for each live video feed and one for the composite mix that I would be sending out to the projectors.

After sourcing 3 LCDs, I started constructing an enclosure to mount the LCDs in. I modified the front of an old server case to the the LCDs. Using a dremel and some spacers, I got the screens to fit very nicely.

Next I wired up the power supplies and routed them to a common 120v plug that I salvaged from an old PS2. I sourced some nice illuminated green toggle switches for the power on each screen.

I also installed 6 RCA plugs on the back, 2 for each screen. A toggle switch on the front panel controls which inputs go to which screen.

I finished the enclosure and then mounted it in my custom-made flight case with my Numark mixer. Been using it for almost 4 years now with no problems.